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Here at Travel Beauties we know what it is like to need a vacation. The owners LaKiesha and  Lilliemarie spend countless hours trying to find the best places to go and let the hair down. Coming from the background of being a Deputy Sheriff and  Dean, they know the stress of work and  family life with the desire of needing to just get away for a moment in time with being stress free as possible. 

Travel Beauties is dedicated to make sure you travel experience is the best experience you and your family/friends will have. We not only help you plan but we go the extra mile to make sure that all our needs are met. Here at TB we don't stop at the reservation, we take care of it all from flights, hotels, excursions, even rental cars. Nothing is too big or two small to ask for. Want to horseback ride while you are on vacation? We will make sure you have that experience. Want to know what restaurant to eat at? We got you. Let us make your travel a BEAUTIFUL travel.


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