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Traveling on a budget...

A lot of times we feel that in this economy we can’t take a vacation. We go through years and years of life not seeing this beautiful world that has been made for us. There are so many places, but yet the average person only sees 1% of the world, and that simply boils down to their surroundings. They will be lucky to go to another state or even another country. Traveling isn’t hard. It isn’t difficult and it isn’t out of your reach. The first thing you must to is plan! Sit down look at the calendar and give yourself a date. Secondly set goals. If you plan a trip a year out, set monthly goals putting away money for the trip and making sure you have all your ducks in a row. Thirdly, as the trip gets closer get ready to have fun. The worse thing about taking a vacation is worrying while on the vacation. Make sure we are ready to have fun. Here is a small list of how to plan a great and beautiful vacation.

  1. Plan

  2. Research where you want to go

  3. Plan the dates

  4. Research the hotel cost, flight or car cost

  5. Give yourself t budgets

  6. Spending budget (entertainment while there)

  7. Hotel budget

  8. Food budget

  9. Travel budget (car, flight, etc)

  10. Reserve your hotel

  11. Reserve your flight, car or both

  12. Start setting aside money for your budgets

  13. Make sure the closer the trip gets, you take care of loose end experiences at home and for the trip (if you have a passport make sure it is not expiring within the 6 months of your travel, if so renew it immediately. Most places consider your passport already expired even though you have 6 months until it actually does expire.)

  14. HAVE FUN!!! Vacations are set aside to forget your normal life and to live in the moment of carefree, stress free and hair down fun. If your vacation isn’t fun then it isn’t a vacation. Don’t take work on your trip. Make sure you are free from your normal life’s obligations.

When you plan your vacation you can set budgets and stay within those budgets. There is no place from reach. Just make sure you are reaching within your guidelines.

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