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CoCo Key Water Resort - Orlando Fl

I recently had the opportunity to visit CoCo Key Water Resort in Orlando, Fl. This hotel was far from great but wasn’t the worse either. Upon arrival you are welcomed with a beautiful lobby and warm staff. Check in was a breeze and very organized. Upon getting the key for the room, it was a little hard find thing building and room. No building listings of rooms and no maps that will help indicate where the actual room is, and for this I give the hotel a rating of 2 of out of 5 stars.

Now for the room review…

The room was not spectacular. It reminds you of the Howard Johnson style rooms, however, it was not the worse room ever. With that being said, you will get a good night sleep and a cold room 😊 .

The water park area is nothing short but great for kids. Warm pool and full of slides and fun for kids of all ages. Along with the arcade located right next to the resort is awesome for the ones who don’t want to get wet but want to still have fun. Rating or the water park is 5 out of 5 starts

The restaurants that are on the property are ok. They have one restaurant the is only open for breakfast. For $12.95 per adult and $13.95 per child you get an all you can eat breakfast with pancakes. Next, they have the Grille style restaurant that serves your hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc. from 11am -9pm. The bar that is in the water park gives those that would like a little extra in their beverages just what they are looking for with anything from your original style drinks to the frozen drinks for a hot summer day. Restaurants and bar will get 4 out of 5 star

Over all, this resort for a family looking for a place to stay in Orlando, Fl., that will give the kids a moment of fun without leaving the hotel is good. Things to make sure you bring, a microwave if possible, the hotel does charge $10 per night for one, also if you don’t want to spend money on extra items, there is a Wholes Food that is close by for a quick grocery run.

3 out of 5 stars for a good place for a family. 😊

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